What is world class coaching?

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May 20, 2024
Welcome to the World-Class Coach blog. These articles are for business coaches who want to expand their existing practice or start one in the specialized category of world-class coaching.

What is World Class Coaching?

Well, it’s not a judgment on your current coaching skills, for starters. You’re likely an excellent coach or have the acumen to become one.

World-Class coaching, rather, is a rapidly growing practice of helping business owners operate to known, defensible and immutable world-class metrics and principles. In short, world-class practitioners turn their clients and prospects into world-class operations so owners and employees alike can reap the guaranteed benefits:

  • More time back for owners and employees
  • Lower borrowing costs
  • Higher valuations
  • Increased retention
  • Healthier life

World-class coaches do this through an extremely razor-focused application of key performance indicators that are also immutable and defensible. This razor focus gives coaches two important selling points that are often illusive:

  • A clear reason why the owner needs help
  • A guaranteed result if they achieve the immutable metrics.

What you’ll find in this blog

In the articles, I’ll be sharing concrete, pragmatic coaching techniques and results with you. You’ll find out how one company boosted its exit value by $35 million by getting in line with just one world-class metric.

Each article will contain information and experiences you can use in your practice. If you’re interested in joining my company, which focuses on world-class coaching, then please attend  one of the workshops two of our coaches hold each week.

Here’s to being world-class,
Founder, Catipult

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