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Catipult’s system generates world-class plans that are broken into seven business drivers. In the example above, the plan is highlighting the recommendations for the Employee Driver. The KPI: Employee Engagement Score is open, showing that the first action item for the client is to secure consider subscribing to the Tiny Pulse engagement system.

Here’s How it Works


Catipult Creates a Metrics - Based Custom Plan

Catipult creates a metrics-based custom plan for business owners to achieve. The metrics it generates are all those that guarantee high valuations, lower interest rates, time saved, increased retention and better alignment.


Under Each KPI is a Series of "Action Items"

Catipult creates a series of first action items under each metric. These action items are assignments and first steps that are directly related to achieving the specific metric they are under.


Your Company can be an Action Item

If your services or company is directly related to a KPI that the system loads, then you may be eligible to be listed as an action item for a client to research and your product to purchase.

Other Partnership Opportunities

We Love To Partner With Others!

Catipult is building a robust partnership and outreach program. In addition to the options we provide below for partners, we are always open to suggestions from others and how we can, together, build real value for our prospects and customers.

Jointly promoted prospecting workshops

Webinars and training to our community of coaches
Workshops to our subscriber community of business owners

Sponsorships of the Catipult Power Conference

Podcast and CatipultTV placements
New ideas with our partners
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