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Clear, Measurable, Strategic Metrics

Catipult generates metrics that drive true value, stability and focus for your company and makes it easy for you to turn it into a world-class, metrics-driven organization focused at all levels on the metrics that matter to you.

Alignment on the Activities that Drive Results

Imagine how much time you’ll save when your team is only doing activities that support world-class metrics. In our system, projects are likely scrapped if they don’t have a key performance indicator to support.

Clear Meetings and Meeting Rhythm for All

Our simple meeting functionality automatically pulls the metrics, action items and discussion topics per employee to keep everyone on target, focused, and accountable.

Methodology in Action

start with you

Step 1

Start With You

You’re the first driver of the company, which is why we include it as the first driver on your dashboard.

By displaying a business that starts with you, it’s easier to make sure strategic plans also support your goals. The “You” driver, as we call it, is completely private and can’t be seen by anyone.

It’s also loved by your employees.

Step 2

Add Your MVV

Mission, vision, and value statements are important guiding statements. When added to Catipult, they’re visible to the entire company, along with your organization’s three-year vision.

KPIs for ceos

Step 3

Reveal Your Metrics

Catipult reveals the level one, world-class metrics you need to achieve to drive maximum value, stability, and profit.

Step 4

Solve for the Deltas

Focus your team and speed up your meetings by “solving the deltas.” It’s a simple exercise that gets your team to only create solutions that will bridge the distance between your actual performance and your target.

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Step 5

Add Your Plan

Catipult pre-loads action items to start your journey. Once you start “solving the deltas”, the action items your team creates will be placed directly under the metric they support. Projects without clear metrics to support should be canceled, saving a ton of time.

Step 6

Run the Rhythm

Metrics and action items are great, but utterly worthless if you don’t put them into action.

Catipult’s world-class meeting functionality automatically pulls up the metrics, action items and discussion topics for everyone invited to that meeting.

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7 business drivers

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The 7 Business Drivers

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