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What is Catipult.Al All About?

A Single Platform for a Complex Challenge

Designed by more than 20 business owners and executive coaches, Catipult  is a single, flexible platform designed to help you build a simplified, yet comprehensive strategic plan based on the Seven Business Drivers and then run your entire company on that plan to achieve greater alignment and clear, measurable and substantial increases in equity value. KPIs, rocks, built-in meeting rhythms, scorecards, mobile check-ins, integrated coaching, and more keep your entire company focused and on plan.  

Business Growth Software Seven Business Drivers

Get Personal

Catipult is a proven system that drives growth and engagement with a strategic plan by including personal ambitions and health goals in-line as a first consideration for you--and every employee in your company.

Accelerate Growth

Catipult's proven, light-weight methodology is integrated into an intelligent software platform your entire company uses. Define issues, solve problems and focus your entire company on clear, measurable outcomes.

Transform Culture

Our extremely simple and easy-to-implement system quickly creates a transparent culture of accountability, where everyone in the organization is aware of the three-year goal and their role in making it happen.

Increase Equity Value

With one log-in, investors and potential exit partners can see your entire company aligned and operating from your strategic plan. You'll get a massive boost in value over other competitors that are much harder to evaluate. Evaluate yourself with our Company Health Checklist.

Why do you need it?

Business operating methodologies are overly complex or rigid and technologies are too siloed and separated from the strategic plan. You need a simplified system that quickly and easily runs your company toward the outcome you set for it, so you can know where to focus while saving time and increasing equity value. 

Management Software Defining Smart Goals

More than Just a Management Software

Catipult is a Business Growth Platform designed to align teams, create a common language and act as a virtual accountability coach for your entire organization by defining smart goals.

Business Coaches Defining Smart Goals

Business Coaches to Help

Coaches are certified on the Catipult platform and can help you think through key challenges, determine resolutions and build your three-year strategic plan through our fast-paced JumpStart offsites.

Catipult provides the frictionless technology and expertise you need to drive business growth across your entire organization. Quickly.​

  • An Efficient Operating System
  • Integrated Coaches
  • Advanced Software
  • EOS® or Scaling Up!®
  • Purpose-Driven Alignment
  • DIY Option

An Efficient, Award-Winning Operating System

The BGP was designed by CEOs and Business owners who were exposed to many –if not all– of the other systems on the market. What’s available is either too complicated, not technology-forward, not efficient and doesn’t use the full power of technology to simply and easily run and entire company—all employees—on a plan. The BGP helps you solve root problems, define a strategic vision and three-year plan, and align your entire company  on it using advanced software that runs your plan for you.


Integrated Coaches & Tools

The BGP is a complete set of tools and that help you identify and solve key challenges while formulating a three-year vision that the technology platform will run for you. Certified Catipult coaches will help you and your leadership team not only develop and align your company on a three-year plan with measurable outcomes, they will also help establish the meeting rhythm that drives success.

Catipult.Ai | Business Growth Software

Software that runs your entire company on your strategic plan

Catipiult’s BGP is advanced software that helps run your strategic plan for you. Able to align your entire company, it will transform your culture into one that’s purpose-driven and highly accountable while accelerating growth. Intelligent meetings, cascading KPIs and Milestones, data integrations and more that only display the information you need to know if your company and its activities are on plan. It’s so simple, you’ll feel like you already know how to use it. The time you save managing your company is priceless.


Catipult is Flexible and can work with EOS and Scaling Up!

Catipult’s BGP software is a flexible enough to easily enhance your experience with the popular Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) or Scaling Up!. We’ll help you translate your strategy into measurable KPIs with directly associated rocks. Our Intelligent Meeting™ module has L10 – like meeting functionality automated.


Clearer Purpose and Clearer Alignment – For Everyone

The BGP communicates information in such a clear, easy-to-understand syntax that company alignment is a bi-product and not an arduous task. Your plan is broken into KPIs for each of the Seven Business Drivers ™. Each milestone must be associated with a KPI, assigned accountability and clear due date. In other words, everyone knows the clear purpose behind everything they do.


It’s okay to do-it-yourself

The BGP is designed for any size company and personality. If you need to do-it-yourself or just like doing things yourself, Catipult’s BGP has an advanced strategic planner that will help you think through more than 100 questions, convert your answers into KPIs and the milestones. Company set-up is easy and can take as little as two hours to build a strategic plan.

What Your Peers are Saying


“Through this program and the coaching, I learned to detach myself emotionally from my company and realize that wherever I am on my plan, it is a place for exploration and not judgment, which is the best framework for growth opportunities to be realized.”

Diana Stewart

CEO of Enviroclean


“Catipult.AI is a clear, simple and yet transformative platform that is a clear-cut process for accelerated growth that also transforms culture.”

Leo Bottary

Former VP of Vistage International


“Since implementing Catipult.AI in my life and company, growth has accelerated and I’m spending more time with my family. It’s truly an accelerating agent for both life and business goals simultaneously.”

Ken Thieneman

CEO of Thieneman Construction

Brian Wegner

“This program and the extraordinary coaching leadership I received challenges our norms and helps to improve both our personal and professional lives.”

Brian Wegner

CEO of MyKala

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