A single solution that creates and manages strategic plans.

While promoting the well-being, balance, alignment and professional growth of your team.

One solution that gives you real-time visibility into what's most important.

Understand the health of the team, their progress toward your strategic goals, and real-time data on what’s most important.

Simplify and automate your management practices.

Aligning your remote and onsite teams doesn't have to be difficult. Automate your management processes and focus on the core drivers of your business.

CEOs align remote
and onsite teams.

Coaches keep
clients focused.

VCs and PEs monitor portfolio companies.

Software to simplify management.

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Services to guide you.

Jumpstart Strategy Planning

Executive Coaching & Talent Optimization

Executive Peer Groups

Customers already living a better life.

“Through this program and the coaching, I learned to detach myself emotionally from my company and realize that wherever I am on my plan, it is a place for exploration and not judgment, which is the best framework for growth opportunities to be realized.”

Diana Stewart

CEO of Enviroclean

“Since implementing Catipult.AI in my life and company, growth has accelerated and I’m spending more time with my family. It’s truly an accelerating agent for both life and business goals simultaneously.”

Ken Thieneman

CEO of Thieneman Construction

“Catipult.AI is a clear, simple and yet transformative platform that is a clear-cut process for accelerated growth that also transforms culture.”

Leo Bottary

Former VP of Vistage International

“This program and the extraordinary coaching leadership I received challenges our norms and helps to improve both our personal and professional lives.”

Brian Wegner

CEO of MyKala

Start with YOU

Get the book that started it all.

Start with YOU is a serious strategic planning guide for your life, career and business. This book helps put you back in control, so you can achieve greater happiness, stronger relationships and accelerated professional and business growth. Used by CEOs and business owner, the concepts in this book are proven to work for anyone.