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Our Global Team

Catipult’s team spans 12 time zones, so we can serve you.

Peter Fuller

Peter Fuller

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Multiple start-ups and exits, certified coach, author and adjunct professor of entrepreneurship.

maia siprashvili

Maia Siprashvili

Chief Operating Officer and President

An accomplished executive with over 15 years of expertise across both government and private sectors, adept at enhancing performance through KPI-driven strategies, cultivating diverse teams, and implementing scalable processes.
ana m lugo

Ana M Lugo

Product Manager

M.S. in informatics, experience with three start-ups, social media, and project management.
jordan lee

Jordan Lee

Technical Co-Founder

15 years designing systems for Fortune 5 companies and multiple start-ups.
Tomas Zeleny

Tomáš Zelený

Growth Consultant

Growth Consultant who brings enthusiasm and desire to achieve exceptional results for his clients.
Valeria Romero

Valeria Romero

Program Manager

An engineering graduate who runs a small business with experience in marketing campaigns and customer service.

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