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Catipult.AI’s simple management software enables you and your team to stay aligned by simplifying and automating how your business is managed.

Rhythm is the key to success.​ With the new Intelligent Meetings™ feature, ​ you got rhythm.​ 

Catipult’s newly released Intelligent Meetings feature helps you run​ your weekly, monthly, six-week tactical, quarterly meetings and any other meeting​ you can create.


Because our meetings are integrated WITH your strategic plan, you’ll be sure to stay focused
on the objective while also having plenty of time for discussing key issues. 

Here’s how it works:
  • Built-in agendas are included or you can make your own.​
  • Timers run each agenda item and help keep the team on track.​
  • Attendees are invited, checked-in and recorded.​
  • Milestones are reviewed for each team member—but only those not on plan.
  • Store meeting notes.​
  • Rank each meeting.​
  • Archive meetings for future reference. ​

A Simple Dashboard

Aggregate and measure all the data you need in a single dashboard so that you can focus on the critical drivers of growth.

Accountable Teams

Automatically check-in with your team via mobile push notifications that quickly track progress, maintain alignment, and transform culture.

Intelligent Direction

Calculate the health of you and your business, and forecast the likelihood of future success using our advanced algorithms.

System Integrations

Tap into your existing sales, marketing, financial, and HR systems to generate more precise insights and make decisions more quickly.

How it works.

1. Plan your outcome.

Define your future using our simple strategic planning wizard.

Walk through a step-by-step process to formulate your plan for the future. Our proprietary method has been proven across 100s of CEOs and Business Owners.

Looking for guidance?

How It Works

2. Document your KPIs.

Create outcome-driven KPIs across Seven Business Drivers™.

Go beyond monitoring “what is”, and start benchmarking progress toward your specific outcome. The process starts with YOU and will lead you to GROWTH.adfs

3. Focus your team.

Assign milestones that keep your team aligned and focused.

Every team member has a role to play in achieving your outcome. Define milestones for each role to clearly align goals and create a culture of accountability.

4. Track progress.

Micro Actively manage your team, automatically.

Stay connected with each team member using our automated, mobile check-in process. In 5 seconds or less, each milestone is updated so you know where to focus.

5. Focus your actions.

One dashboard directs you when and how to take action.

Automate the management of your business using our advanced algorithms. Use simple gauges to mitigate risk and forecast success across your critical business drivers.

6. Run Your Meetings.

Intelligent Meeting Maker ™ runs your meetings based on your plan. 

“This is insanely easy. The number one problem I have – and we have as company – is tracking and moving milestones. You have it all here, in one easy dashboard, that contextualizes our KPIs, Goals and progress within the core functions that keep a company running. I can’t believe how easy and simple this is.”
Ken Thieneman

CEO , Thieneman Construction

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Gain full access to the software, including the strategic planning wizard, KPI tracking, Business Drivers dashboard, and mobile-enabled check-ins.


Strategic Planning, Executive Peer Groups, and Executive Coaching.

Our network of certified John Maxwell Leadership coaches are here to help you and your team develop your outcomes, map the appropriate KPIs, and conduct leadership and accountability coaching as needed.