You have enough to worry about.

Let Catipult guide you.

While our software will simplify and automate management, our services will help you develop a plan and support your growth.

JumpStart Strategic Planning

Our certified coaches and business consultants will walk you and your team through a 1.5 day, intense, streamlined strategic planning process that digs deep to determine your desired outcome, KPIs towards that outcome, and milestone accountabilities across Seven Business Drivers™. By the end of the session, Catipult.AI will be set up and helping you drive the results you planned.

Executive Coaching & Talent Optimization

While you don’t need a coach to use Catipult.AI, outcome-based planning and accountability cadences are often best facilitated by third parties. Our certified John Maxwell Leadership coaches hold expertise in assessments, team building, talent optimization, and our own Adaptive Leadership Coaching (ALC) methodology. Coaching clients also receive a discounted membership in the 8/6 Executive Club, a peer network also using Catipult.AI.

Executive Peer Groups

End the loneliness at the top and join a Catipult.AI-powered peer group. A group of fellow business owners can solve a mountain of problems more quickly than going it alone.