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What’s included:

  • Private “You” driver to house personal goals in-line with business objectives
  • Strategic Planner with over 100 questions
  • KPI Modules to translate your plan into quantified KPIs
  • Rock Module to build key rocks for important KPIs
  • CHARP™ check-in system
  • Intelligent Meeting Maker™
  • My Company module to store and display mission, vision, value and three-year outcome
  • Accountability and org chart module
  • Cascading Plans let the entire company operate on your strategic plan
  • Systems integrations as they become available
  • Portfolio view for coaches or owners of multiple companies (upon request)
  • Video tutorials
  • What to Focus On gauges highlight areas of focus



Strategic Planning Workshop


Virtual Workshop

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In-Person Workshop

Our certified Coaches and Consultants will walk you and your team through a 1.5 day, intense strategic planning process that digs deep to determine your desired outcome, KPIs towards that outcome, and milestone accountabilities across Seven Business Drivers™. By the end of the session, Catipult will be set up and helping you drive the results you planned.

Executive Coaching



Free Consultation

Identify a Coach

While you don’t need a Coach to use Catipult.AI, outcome-based planning and accountability cadences are often best facilitated by third parties. Our Executive Coaches are certified by Catipult.AI and hold expertise in assessments, team building, talent optimization, and our own Adaptive Leadership Coaching (ALC) methodology. We offer a free consultation to understand your needs and identify a Coach that will fit.

Executive Peer Groups

8/6 Executive Club

End the loneliness at the top and join a Catipult-powered peer group. A group of fellow business owners can solve a mountain of problems more quickly than going it alone. Click on our partnered peer groups to learn more.

Catipult Thinking Tools


Download After Purchase

Over 300 pages of strategic thinking tools, including the book Start With You: How Badass Executives are Changing Their Lives and Businesses in Just 12 Quarters. Everything in this kits supports the award-winning Catipult Business Growth Platform