Catipult’s BGP is built for Peer Board Leaders and their Members.

Run your meetings, manage your member’s progress and help everyone achieve their three-year goals while living a more balanced life.

Catipult.Ai Mockup | Business Growth Software

Designed for Peer Boards

Catipult.Ai Mockup | Business Growth Software

Catipult was designed by CEOs and business owners who came from a Vistage® peer board run by Peter Fuller (Catipult founder).

The concept is simple: the power of peers should be included as a component of the Business Growth Platform, as peer advice is transformative, time-saving and ends the loneliness often associated with the leadership journey.

Tools for Peer Boards

Catipult’s BGP not only includes PDF tools you can use with peer boards, but also advanced software features that allow you, the leader, to manage all of your members from one, single log-in. That’s right. From one log-in you can see directly into your member companies’ operations,  assign KPIs, milestones and homework.