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How to Use Catipult.Ai with EOS® and Scaling Up!®

EOS and Catipult

EOS and Catipult.Ai both contain an “operating system,” which is a simple set of tools, concepts and structure designed to help companies “get a grip on their business,” as EOS likes to say. ​

Catipult is more flexible than EOS, as EOS users can easily move their work into Catipult software to drive the plans they make through the entire organization on every level. Unlike EOS, which is rigid in its approach and philosophy, Catipult’s system can be easier to implement, quicker to adopt throughout the entire organization, and much more time-saving. 


Some noteworthy differences in the methodology:


Scaling Up! and Catipult​

Scaling Up! and Catipult’s BGP are both based on the Rockefeller Habits® and have similarities in their approach to business philosophy. Catipult’s BGP is a software-first solution with a methodology for doing business, whereas Scaling Up (and EOS) began as a methodology first and then built software components that rigidly adhere to their methodology. Catipult isn’t rigid and plays nicely with both systems while providing a light-weight and (we believe) more efficient approach to driving growth.


Some Noteworthy Differences

  1. ​ Scaling Up! simplifies business into four main categories, per the image above. While the four is less than our seven categories, the thinking process with Scaling Up can be a bit more arduous. With Catipult’s BGP, you get straight to the point: determine your outcome and then simply break that outcome into KPIs for each driver (strategy) and the rocks needed to drive the KPIs (execution). It doesn’t need to be any harder than that. ​​
  2. Catipult breaks the ”People” category into two components: Leadership and the broader employee base. In developing our system, we found that there is a stark difference in the way leadership teams need to be structured, managed and nurtured than the broader employee base. This separation of the two helps business owners focus on making their leadership teams successful.​
  3. Execution comes from moving rocks forward and maintaining a strict meeting cadence. In Catipult, Rocks are created for every single KPI and the software has a built-in meeting agendas that can be customized or you can follow the Catipult structure, which is less time. ​

Scaling Up! has a software tool called Align Today, that rigidly adheres to their methodology. ​

DIY or Find a Coach​

Catipult believes that coaches/implementers are an integral and value of the growth equation. That said, we also realize that many entrepreneurs want to do things themself or lack the initial resources to hire outside expertise. ​

Catipult solves that problem. Our software is designed to help you create a strategic outcome, KPIs, rocks, assign accountabilities and manage your weekly meeting cadence –and much more—on your own. ​

It’s been called the fastest, easiest to understand process on the market—by several consumers of both EOS and Scaling Up. In some cases, people have created their plans and set their company up in less than three hours—on their own

Want to Get Your Company Moving on Catipult?​

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