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Which Company is Worth More?

Company A

Catipult.Ai CEO | Strategic Plan

Company A has a 30% EBITDA and enters due diligence and gives investors several log-ins to various system, piles of documents describing the company’s objectives and projects. The team doesn’t immediately occur to be in alignment. Meeting notes are not readily available, and the process of due diligence is extended.

Company B

Catipult.Ai | Business Growth Software

Company B has a 30% EBITDA, enters due diligence and gives interested parties access to its Catipult account. There, investors see an entire organization driving toward one vision with every major rock tied to a specific KPI, all meetings being tracked, and teams completely in alignment, with real-time, systems-integrated data being interpreted through the lens of the strategic plan.

Catipult.Ai Mockup | Business Growth Software
Catipult.Ai Mockup | Business Growth Software

We’re Here to Help

You probably answered, “Company B.” You’re right. Now, how much of a discount do you feel Company A will have in an acquisition when compared to Company B? 10 percent, 15 percent? Or passed by altogether?

Whatever percentage you chose, it translates into millions of dollars lost if you’re Company A—or gained if you’re Company B.

There’s much more to benefit, however, than just increased resell value. With the right tools and technology, you get peace of mind, balanced living and literally more time back to do the things you love.

Catipult’s Business Growth Platform is designed to create equity value by aligning teams, increasing operational efficiencies and giving you more time back.

A Robust & Efficient Tool Set

Catipult.Ai has an efficient tool set that helps you:

Catipult.Ai Business Growth Platform includes modules for:

Catipult.Ai | CEO Company Health Checklist

The Health Check – Do You have it All in One Automated Platform the Entire Company Uses?

Catipult.Ai | CEO Company Health Checklist

The path to greater equity value and a well-aligned team doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a simple health check that you can use to determine the health of your organization. This is a real-world example that Catipult’s BGP transformed to all green. How does your company stack up?

Achieve Rhythm and Alignment Quickly

Catipult.Ai | CEO Strategic Plan

Catipult.Ai Business Growth Platform (BGP) is designed to be extremely time-efficient and automated. If you work with one of our BGP coaches, you’ll be put through a fast-paced process that starts with You, your vision and outcome and then breaks that into KPIs, Milestones (rocks for EOS® users), assignments and accountabilities and then “programs” the software solution with your plan.

The BGP software platform automates the most important aspects of aligning teams:

There’s one more thing: While we recommend using a BGP coach to facilitate your planning, the BGP contains a DIY strategic planning and KPI creation modules.

Catipult.Ai | Align Teams with Seven Business Drivers

Why the BGP vs Other Systems—We Start with You and Transform Culture

Catipult.Ai | Align Teams with Seven Business Drivers

The BGP was designed by CEOs and Business owners who were exposed to many –if not all– of the other systems on the market. What’s available is either too complicated, not technology-forward, not efficient and doesn’t use the full power of technology to simply and easily run and entire company—all employees—on a plan. Cascading departments, KPI sharing for cross-functional work, and the inclusion of the popular “You” driver in the dashboard of every employee and more, makes this the most efficient and unique Business Growth Platform on the market.

Let’s talk about “You.” The “You” driver emphasizes the importance of individual health and goal setting and is one of the most important drivers of downstream, company-wide adoption. By seeing yourself as not only in-line with business objectives, but as the first and most important factor in business growth, culture transforms.

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