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Catipult Business Growth System

Catipult is a Business Growth Platform (BGP) that gives you plenty of tools to structure your client engagement while also giving your clients a unique software solution that can help them efficiently run their company.

From our company health check, strategic planning guides, books and unique structure for team alignment and market research, Catipult can bring your practice into a new level of value for existing clients and help you grow a new set of clientele.

Be the Rhythm Maker for Your Clients.

Our fast-paced process is supported by all the tools you need to help your client create a clear three-year outcome and then break that into the KPIs, rocks, and accountabilities quickly.

Once that is done, rhythm needs to be infused to help companies really achieve their dreams. You are the rhythm maker. Start with a 2-Day offsite and then include tactical and quarterly meetings along with executive coaching against the backdrop of the strategic plan..

You, in the Software

Coaches are an important factor in a company’s success and we’ve made sure that your name will appear in your client’s instance of Catipult. The figure to the right shows the Catipult homepage. Imagine your name where “connect with a coach” currently is displayed. As a member of Catipult’s coaching team, you’ll also receive leads from teams that do not have a coach and request such a connection.

From your log-in, you’ll be able to manage every client you have and see their strategic plan, progress toward it and even the performance of the employees using Catipult. Assign KPIs, Milestones, or other work directly into your client’s account.

​If the engagement with the client ends, the software likely remain in use.

Certification is Accessible and Flexible, Without Franchises Fees

Catipult is a flexible platform for you to run your own coaching practice, using a tool set that does not restrict you to any one methodology.

We aren’t a franchise and we don’t charge exorbitant licensing fees like others. Why? We view ourselves as a software company, with you as a component of the software.

With the Catipult Certified Coaching Program you get:

  • Business Builder training – Learn how to earn more than $200,000 per year.
  • Adaptive Leadership Coaching training – Discover how to coach leadership values and skill against the backdrop of a strategic plan.
  • Catipult Coaching Forums – Join with other Catipult coaches to share expertise and advice.
  • The Complete PDF Toolkit – Hundreds of pages of strategic planning resources for you to use.
  • Pre-Release Testing of New Features – Get advanced notice and visibility into new software features for you and your client.
  • Lead Generation – Upon client request, Catipult will pair clients with a certified coach.

We want to help over 1,000,000 business owners around the world achieve healthier and better lives and businesses—with your help, which is why we’ve integrated you into the platform.

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