2020 has begun with a roar of uncertainty no one predicted. In fact, this was forecasted to be a great year as some economic headwinds, such as global trade disputes, seemed to be getting behind us. And then came COVID-19 and the panic that’s sweeping the globe. It’s easy to settle into a mindset of fear and retreat, rather than optimism and expansion.

That’s not what we should do this year; however. This year we need to make decisions from a place of faith and not fear. What that looks like to you is entirely up to you. I received this concept from one of my morning meditations two weeks ago. It continues to become more important as the weeks unfold.

A place of faith is one where you likely feel (emphasis on the word feel) strongly that you are to move forward in a certain area and lack the visible and logical path to do so. It’s in this void of clarity that fear swirls and hovers like an anxiety-ridden person who can’t stop pacing around. The current news cycle may create logical reasons to hold back on certain things. Move forward in faith, however. Push fear aside in these moments and move forward.

Faith; not fear. Make that your motto this year.