What’s Up with Section 232?

Much has been said lately about Section 232, a legal provision that gives companies liability protection from being sued for comments and content posted on their web sites by others. Section 232 is necessary to protect web sites that allow public discourse from being held responsible for the content of that discourse.

Let’s look at a recent case. Dominion Software is suing attorney Sydney Powell for $1.3 billion in libel damages. Ms. Powell is the attorney who claimed on many such web sites that Dominion Software was in league with a communist regime’s plans to overthrow the recent election.

Section 232 protects the web platforms that allowed Ms. Powell to make her accusations from potential claims by Dominion that the platforms were complicit in ruining their reputation.

This protection from liability, I believe, also extends to every one of our members. Should you choose to allow public comment on your web site, you can do so knowing that you cannot be sued for damages that may happen if a third party uses your site to say something another party does not like.