It’s time to move forward.

I’m challenging everyone to put together a 90-day sprint, beginning today. By all evidence, it looks like we will be moving forward as a nation and as a global community within the next three or four weeks. The most likely scenario is that regions of the United States will begin to relax their shelter-in-place restrictions as the curve of the coronavirus looks to have flattened, as planned.

It’s time to think toward the future, but in a new way.

My clients are being challenged to answer the following seven questions:

  1. What vulnerabilities in your business model became apparent in this crisis and what should be done to overcome them?
  2. How was your cash position both personally and in your business? Was it enough to weather this storm with as little financial anxiety as possible or was there panic as the brink of disaster seemed all too close?
  3. What efficiencies did your business realize when employees were sent home to work?
  4. Given what we’ve encountered now, what is your new vision for your business?
  5. What adjustments can be made to strengthen your business and achieve the three-year outcome you planned before the pandemic?
  6. For those who use the Catipult.AI system or are part of the 8/6 Executive Club, look at the KPIs you’ve established for each of the seven business drivers. Do they need to change? For instance, if a KPI for your Financial Driver was to maintain three months of operating expenses in the business, does that need to change?
  7. Given the answers to those questions (and others that may come to your mind), what does your 90-day sprint look like?

The concept of the sprint isn’t just for you; it’s also for your employees. Set a vision of how the business will be in 90 days and let them participate in this future, now. Focusing on the positive will help elevate the morale, generate a culture of camaraderie and likely create the outcome you desire.

John Maxwell, the world’s foremost leadership coach, has a 20-day challenge that he has given to all the coaches under him. The challenge focuses on moving forward with a new daily task meant to drive their businesses forward, step-by-step, each day.

Once you have the 90-day in place, consider breaking it down into daily challenges for various teams. Gamify the exercise. Make coming through this pandemic as “fun” as it can be.

It’s time to continue moving forward—in a new way, positive way.

I’ll end with this: In the Punjab province of India, residents are seeing the Himalaya mountain ranges for the first time in decades because air pollution has been significantly reduced by the decreased human activity.


What can you see clearly that you couldn’t see before the pandemic?

Peter Fuller


Faith; not fear. Make that your motto this year.